The Most Flexible Rent Payments Ever

Split your rent into two smaller, more manageable payments and reduce financial stress by smoothing out your cashflow.

Need a small advance from your paycheck? We got that covered too!

Rent payments on your custom schedule.

With custom rent, you can customize your rent payment schedule and have peace of mind with smaller payments. Need to reschedule your payments?
We get it, life happens and we are here to help.

We do the math for you

Based on your transactions we calculate the best days for you to make your rent payments. We are always there to help balance your budget.

We believe in savings not fees

We are here to eliminate late fees, NSF fees and smooth out your monthly cashflow.

Small cash advances to cover all your bills

Life happens and we fall behind on bills. Get a $100 advance until your next paycheck and then pay Zenbase back when you get paid. As simple as that.

No more
late fees, overdrafts.

Activate our BalanceBoost feature and we’ll automatically deposit $100 in your account when your balance falls below $100. Avoid expensive late fees, overdrafts and payday loans.

What people are saying

I had fallen behind the last couple months but with Zenbase custom rent payments I was able to eventually balance my budget again.

April C.

What people are saying

As a newcomer to Canada, it is very helpful having access to Zenbase to help me manage my rent payments.

John B.

What people are saying

I used to get overcharged all the time when my pay check didn’t come on time. Zenbase provides me the flexibility to change my dates so I don’t get overcharged.

Melisa N.

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