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Our customer support team is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm MT. Please email support@myzenbase.com or send us a message through our live chat. Our Zenmakers are here to help deliver rent day bliss!

What is Zenbase?
Zenbase is a service that helps residents with their household finances by allowing them to pay their rent in smaller installments throughout the month and providing cash advances when they most need it.
Currently, Zenbase is only available in Canada. If you live in the US and are interested in splitting your rent feel free to sign up and we'll notify you once our service is available in your area.
With Zenbase you can split your rent payments into two installments on two dates instead of paying your full rent the first of the month. As a new member to Zenbase we require you to make your first split rent payment by the 3rd of the month. Your second split rent payment can be scheduled any day until the 26th of the month. After two consecutive months of successful payments you can request that your first monthly payment be moved to any day before the 16th of the month. One option you have if you sign up before the 26th of the month is to make your very first split rent payment that same month if it helps you better adjust to your new flexible payment schedule.
Please sign up by the 26th of the month if you would like to split your rent payments next month. If it's after the 26th please contact our customer service team.
You may request a $100 cash advance per pay period and pay back the advance on your next paycheck date. This service is not available if you have an outstanding repayment.
We'll automatically send you an alert when we think there is a risk of your account going into overdraft with any rent related payment. This service is only available to members you have instantly connected their bank account.
After you connect your bank account, Zenbase starts the cash advance process. Depending on your bank's schedule you will receive your cash advance within 1-2 business days.
Zenbase will send you a message if your bank account may overdraft. If you want us to reschedule the repayment just let us know.
Zenbase automatically debits your bank account on the day you get paid.
Our $9.90 membership fee allows us to provide our services, custom rent payments and fee-free cash advances, to your communities. This helps avoid expensive overdraft/ late fees and financial stress. If you pay your rent in full by the 3rd of the month there is no fee. You can cancel at anytime with no penalty.
Our member team will be in touch with you to review your earnings and do our best to provide you with Zenbase services.
No, we pay your rent directly to your landlord on the first of the month and automatically withdraw payments from your connected bank account on the two CustomRent payment dates you selected.
Absolutely! You can reschedule your two payments within the same month whenever you need to avoid any overdrafts.
You can either use the 'Pay Now' feature in your Zenbase account to schedule a one time payment or you can send an Interac e-Transfer to accounting@myzenbase.com Please provide the answer to the secret questions directly to our customer service team.
It can take up to two business days for funds to appear withdrawn.
No, we do not conduct a credit check. We review your income, your current standing with your landlord and look at other factors to see if you meet our eligibility criteria.
You can either connect your bank account instantly using Plaid, our bank connection partner, or manually by providing your bank account details and completing our verification process.
By connecting your bank account instantly using our bank connection partner Plaid we can verify your earnings to create a CustomRent payment schedule and send you a fee-free cash advance directly to your bank account whenever you need it. We can also send you low balance alerts to avoid any overdrafts. It’s fast and secure!
You will not have access to our fee-free cash advance or low account balance alerts.
You’ll need to provide your transit number, institution number and account number. You can refer to a physical cheque or view a digital void cheque in your online banking to find this information.
You receive two micro deposit amounts to verify the correct bank account is associated with your Zenbase account.
It will take up to 1 business day to receive the two micro deposit amounts in your account.
Instead of doing a credit check we review your income and look at other factors to see if you meet our eligibility criteria.
Please go to Canada Post to search for it: https://www.canadapost-postescanada.ca/info/mc/personal/postalcode/fpc.jsf
Just follow the on screen steps for manual address entry and our team will make sure you’re taken care of.
Please email support@myzenbase.com
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