Flexible Rent Payments | Zenbase for Residents

Smart rent payments that build your credit & can be split in two

Automatically build your credit with your rent payments reported to Equifax PLUS you can split your rent to pay half at the beginning of the month and half later in the month.

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Get rewarded

Get credit for rent payments you’re already making by automatically reporting your rent to Equifax.

Gain financial strength

Build your credit to reduce your interest payments and save money on financial products

Reduce financial stress

Free up cash for other expenses in between pay checks with a custom rent payment schedule.

Budget effortlessly

Have Zenbase in your back pocket and only use it when you need to split your rent in the same month. 

Get access to Canada's only automated rent reporting and most popular split rent payments


Build your credit with any rent payment method by having your payments automatically reported to Equifax.


Have your rent paid when it’s due while you pay half at the beginning of the month and half later in the month to Zenbase.

We’re always in your corner for your biggest monthly expense.

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