Flexible Rent Payments | Zenbase for Residents

Don't Pay Your Full Rent on The 1st

We are one of the easiest way to improve your cash flow to decrease the impact of inflation.

Split your rent into smaller payments to budget more easily through out the month. Select the dates that work for you while we pay your full rent whenever it’s due for a small membership fee. If you decide to pay your rent in full we’ll waive that fee.

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Budget effortlessly

Have us in your back pocket and only use us when you need to split your rent in the same month.

Avoid late fees
Save up to $150 by eliminating overdraft and late fees.
Reduce financial stress

Free up cash for other expenses in between paychecks.

Complete flexibility and control

Setup a custom rent payment schedule that aligns with your paydays and adjust as needed.

Get access to flexible rent payments and other financial products to make life easier


Get a $100 fee-free cash advance whenever you need it.


Get rewarded by building credit with positive rent payments.

We’re always in your corner for your biggest monthly expense.

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