Rental Reporting Developer API | Zenbase

One API to simplify rental reporting.

Zenbase simplifies the entire rental reporting process with modern APIs that ensures compliance with bureau requirements and allows you to create fully embedded native experiences. You can now reduce time to market and deliver rental reporting with greater flexibility and control.

Embed rental reporting to boost financial health


Compliment your existing stack with rental reporting and help landlords boost ESG and resident financial health.


Embed rent reporting as a financial health amenity in your experiences and create an ancillary revenue source.

Removing complexity from the entire stack

Zenbase handles the complexities in every stack of rental reporting and allows developer partners to work with beautiful APIs to create fully embedded first class experiences. Partners can rely on the Zenbase customer success to handle operational overhead and monitor the service adoption on the partner dashboard.

Data verification

Zenbase ingests & verifies rent payments to ensure compliance with reporting requirements and avoid any duplicate tradelines.

Simplified compliance

Metro2 files are created programatically and furnished to all credit bureaus in Canada. Changes to lease data are detected automatically.

Support & Operations

Zenbase customer service team answers all questions around the service as well as handle disputes.

Fully white-labeled

You can fully embed rental reporting where you can control the entire experience.

Platform first & enterprise grade

Zenbase is trusted by the largest housing providers in Canada to facilitate rental reporting. It’s been designed as a platform to democratize access to rental reporting and remove any friction around turning this financial health amenity into a standard.

Zenbase is routinely audited for Soc 2 Type 2 ensuring peace of mind when it comes to data privacy and security.

Finally modern APIs to implement rental reporting with ease
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