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Financial Empowerment
for Renters

Zenbase, a financial health solution, offers Canada’s first automated rent reporting and most popular split rent payments. As an ESG inspired company, we are committed to economic inclusion that fosters financial empowerment for renters. Our solutions improve the financial wellness of renters while improving operational efficiency for property managers. Rent is usually a persons single largest monthly expense but it doesn’t build your credit. It’s also due on the 1st of the month but that doesn’t align with most people’s bi-monthly pay cycle. We’ve fixed these pain points to help level the playing field.

Our Vision & Mission

Flexibility and peace of mind on rent day


Zenbase was founded with the vision of becoming a trusted partner in managing household finances while eliminating late fees and predatory financing. Socially responsible finance has never mattered more.



Our mission is to ensure that no one is ever behind on their rent payments or gets evicted. Our solution enables the affordability of the primary need of every person, housing, which is why we built a solution that offers the most flexible rent payments ever. We also offer other financial solutions that empower residents to better navigate financial challenges that life may throw at them.


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