Eliminate Late Rent | Zenbase for Property Managers

Get Paid On Time Effortlessly

Zenbase pays residents’ full rent whenever it’s due and lets them repay on a personalized rent payment schedule throughout the month. Smaller payments makes it easy for the residents to budget for their rent payments reducing financial stress and also reduces operational overhead in case of late payments.

Increase resident retention

Help retain residents, drive renewals
and attract prospects with this new
payment option.

Streamline cashflow effortlessly

Spends less time following up on missed rent payments and smooth out cashflow for both you and your residents.

Decrease late rent payments

We pay the full monthly rent amount on behalf of your residents and handle any related delinquencies.

Improve resident financial health

Empower your residents to seamlessly split their rent and improve affordability by reducing the impact of rent increases and inflation.

Improve resident credit and financial health

Every resident’s financial situation is unique but rent payments are not. We are changing that by deeply personalizing the schedule of rent payments and helping residents avoid late fees, overdrafts and payday loans. We are layering on the human touch to ensure that your residents feel supported to navigate their household finances each month.

What people are saying

I had fallen behind the last couple months but with Zenbase custom rent payments I was able to eventually balance my budget again.

April C.

What people are saying

As a newcomer to Canada, it is very helpful having access to Zenbase to help me manage my rent payments.

John B.

What people are saying

I used to get overcharged all the time when my pay check didn’t come on time. Zenbase provides me the flexibility to change my dates so I don’t get overcharged.

Melisa N.

Get paid on time and improve affordability while delivering rent day bliss to your residents.
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