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Boost your ESG and optimize your NOI

Zenbase improves affordability and helps build credit to create measurable social impact while optimizing the rent collection process at the beginning of the month.

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Increase resident retention

Help retain residents, drive renewals
and attract prospects with this new
affordability payment option.

Save time in operations

We pay the full monthly rent amount on behalf of your residents and handle collections.

Improve resident financial health

Have any rent payment method seamlessly reporting to Equifax to build credit and increase resident accountability.

Streamline cashflow effortlessly

Spend less time following up on missed rent payments and smooth out cash flow for both you and your residents.

Smart rent payments that build credit & can be split


The first enterprise grade rent reporting solution in Canada that automatically reports rent payments to Equifax.



The Canadian standard for flexible rent payments, ensuring full rent at the beginning of the month is paid to the landlord while the resident makes two split rent payments.

What people are saying

Being able to offer residents flexible rent payments that will make it easier for them to stay on top of their most critical living expense is valuable at any time; but in an era of inflation, and the constant rising costs of living, it becomes ever more valuable.

Trent Schaber - Regional Vice President, Avenue Living Communities

What people are saying

With Zenbase, we are able to offer them a solution that doesn’t require them to go into debt with payday loans and high interest loans just to house their families.  Their rent is paid, they don’t have late and NSF fees accumulating and they are able to relax and enjoy their apartments knowing they don’t have to stress about paying the full rent on the 1st of the month.

Deanna Saylik - Residential Portfolio Manager, Avenue Living Communities

What people are saying

Zenbase has delivered an easy-to-use and convenient payment option that has proven to be valuable for our residents, helping to relieve financial pressures by splitting rent payments throughout the month.

Trina Cui - CFO, Mainstreet Equity

There is no cost to you. Residents can report their rent for less then $2 per month and split their rent for a low fee based on their rent amount.
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