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CFAA Conference

We’re looking forward to meeting our partners in Toronto at the annual CFAA Rental Housing Conference and discussing how Zenbase’s flexible rent payments can help your communities stay current on their rent and eliminate late payments.

Our discussion couldn’t be more timely!

Rents are increasing across the nation led by Vancouver (23%) and Toronto (11%). Inflationary pressure is making it harder for landlords to keep the rents at the same level. In 2021 more than 40% of residents had at least one delinquent rent payment in a 6 month period. With rents increasing and wages not keeping up, things will only get worse.

Visible minorities in Canada are almost twice as likely to be in a core housing need (spending more than 30% of income on rent) compared to non-visible minority groups. The housing crisis is also a health crisis: a low-income, unstable household is 2X more likely to be in fair or poor health than those in stable housing, and almost 3X more likely to report depressive symptoms.

We started Zenbase to bring peace of mind on rent day for our members and partners. Our platform saves residents more than $700 a year by avoiding late fees and overdrafts while increasing on time payments by 29% thus reducing the operational overhead of our partners.

Let’s connect at the the CFAA Rental Housing Conference and help your communities take control of their mission critical household expenses and get one step closer to financial health. You can also learn more about flexible rent payments here.

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