Paycheck-Deducted Rent Payments for Landlords | Zenbase

Always Get Paid On Time & Improve Affordability

Zenbase pays a residents’ full rent whenever it’s due and lets them repay directly from their paycheck on a personalized rent payment schedule throughout the month to Zenbase: more flexibility for your residents and effortless collections for you.

See how Zenbase paycheck-deducted rent payments work in less then a minute!
Increase resident retention

Help retain residents, drive renewals
and attract prospects with this new
first of its kind payment option.

Save time in operations

We pay the full rent amount on behalf of your residents reducing your operational overhead at the beginning of each month.

Boost your ESG initiatives

Improve resident financial health through improved affordability by reducing the impact of rent increases and inflation.

Streamline cashflow effortlessly

Receive all rent payments on a regular schedule and smooth out cashflow for both you and your residents.

Improve resident credit and financial health

Every resident’s financial situation is unique but rent payments are not. We are changing that by deeply personalizing the schedule of rent payments and helping residents free up cashflow between paychecks and improve their budget. We are layering on the human touch to ensure that your residents feel supported to navigate their household finances each month.

Get paid on time and improve affordability while delivering rent day bliss to your residents.
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