Zenbase X Fitzrovia | Rent Reporting & Split Rent Payments

Build credit effortlessly & split your rent at Fitzrovia

Automatically build your credit with your rent payments reported to Equifax PLUS you can split your rent to pay half at the beginning of the month and half later in the month.

  • Boost your credit score with any payment method
  • Improve cash flow between paychecks
  • Enjoy stress free and on time rent payments

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Rent day bliss for everyone

Relief for inflation

It was so nice not having the stress of paying full rent. With the cost of everything today it was a relief!

Jade B.

Easy way to manage bills

Thanks Zenbase for helping me to split my rent with this amazing payments option. You guys make my life very easy. I don’t have to worry about paying my rent in one go. It makes managing my bills and money very easy. - David P.

Elizabeth S.

Heaven sent

This service is heaven sent. It relieves so much anxiety knowing that my rent is paid on time and the split payments works with my pay periods. So worth the processing fee!

Julie D.

More cashflow and improved credit

Very responsive customer service. It feels nice to have more cash flow throughout the month and also such a bonus for renters who always make their payments to benefit their credit ratings! -

Taylor N.

Less stress on me and my bank account

The way my pay worked I was always late on rent. Late fees were killing me. I signed up with you, adjusted the withdrawal dates and now I feel so much better knowing that I don’t have that on my conscious. Less stress on me and my account! Thank you!

Elizabeth C.

Opportunity to split rent and build credit

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to split rent & build credit!

Erica J.

Zenbase works with the largest financial institutions in North America.

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