Zenbase X Mainstreet | Split Rent Payments

Flexible stress free rent payments

Zenbase pays your full rent when it's due to Mainstreet and you pay half at the beginning of the month and half later in the month.

  • Improved cash flow between paychecks
  • Stress free and on time rent payments
  • More flexibility for other expenses

Why Mainstreet loves Zenbase.

I am able to have my rent paid without stressing about the money. The split payments works so well for me and they are very accommodating.

Michelle G.

Zenbase has literally increased my lifespan. My stress level has been reduced ten fold because I now do not have to worry about rent and payments.

Claude T.

Zenbase has been a blessing to me helping with splitting my rent to make it easier through the month. It is much better to be able to split the payments and make my other payments as well.

Janice K.

I love this service. More landlords should offer this. It is wonderful not having one lump sum at the begin of the month and helps with budgeting.

Mandy P.
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