Zenbase X VIDA | Split Rent Payments

Flexible stress free rent payments

Zenbase pays your full rent when it's due to VIDA and you pay half at the beginning of the month and half later in the month.

  • Improved cash flow between paychecks
  • Stress free and on time rent payments
  • More flexibility for other expenses

Why VIDA loves Zenbase.

It’s worth the $10 a month to have better control of your finances and to be able to plan accordingly. Zenbase is making a really big difference in helping me budget better my monthly costs. It is less overwhelming to cover half a month rather than a full month's rent at a time.

VIDA Resident.

Zenbase was perfect for those who are struggling to meet ends specially on rent. As for me I am the one who is working for now since my family just got here to Canada about 2 months ago. Zenbase was a big help had time to breathe on between bills. Thank you!

VIDA Resident.

I absolutely love using Zenbase. It has made my budget much more flexible. The fee is only $9.90 which makes it 100% worthwhile for me.

VIDA Resident.

I love this service. More landlords should offer this. It is wonderful not having one lump sum at the begin of the month and helps with budgeting.

Mandy P.
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